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foto_hubert-removebg-previewHubert Rampersad, Ph.D. is a reimaginer of Creativity, Sustainability, Design Engineering, Innovation and Management, a disruptive innovation futurist, and a global crusader for real Sustainability. He is a maverick game changer who developed many innovative concepts such as Eco-Design Thinking, Eco-Innovation, Personal Disruptive Innovation, Total Performance Scorecard, Personal Balanced Scorecard, Authentic Personal Branding, Authentic Governance, and TPS-Lean Six Sigma. This highly respected Harvard Business SchoolReimagining Innovation endorsed author holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, MSc in Engineering & Robotics, and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from leading accredited universities in the Netherlands. He authored 25 books in many languages, was a guest lecturer at MIT SloanPersonal Disruptive Innovation-2 and has been featured in Business Week two times. He is the founder of Center of Excellence in Eco-Design Thinking & Eco-Innovation in Miami, USA. His new book “Eco-Design Thinking for Personal, Corporate and Social Innovation” is a game changing exposure to innovation and howLoner to become a disruptor like Elon Musk. 

Prof. Rampersad’s main focus and obsession is designing a better world. Please read his article “HOW TO DESIGN A BETTER WORLD“. “We need to address the real roots of climate change, not just the symptoms. It’s personal integrity of people that needs to be tackled, which is awareness about their behavior and actions on human beings, animals and plants. This is the foundation of empathy.sustainability Climate change actions require goodsucks climate change people. The world has more bad people than good people, which is probably the reason why so few engage in climate change”. — Hubert Rampersad. Read his articles “Design For Sustainability“, “How to Cultivate Empathy”, and “Why Climate Change Sucks”

empathyHe originated many sustainable and innovative management and design engineering concepts in the past 20 years based on his sustainability philosophy, as shown here:Sustainability-normal

The main reason why he launched his eco-innovation concept: “Today’s complex world requires sustainablesucks Innovation innovation. Traditional innovation approaches are not sustainable because they are not holistic. They are cosmetical, theatrical and cozy, instead of sustainable. They don’t fit in my definition of real sustainability: Sustainability is a holistic and ethical system in which humans and nature can exist in harmony for a very long period of time”-— Hubert Rampersad. Read “Why Innovation Sucks“. 3D groot

His new book Eco-Design Thinking for Personal, Corporate and Social Innovation; How to Become a Disruptive Eco-Design Thinker Like Elon Musk, is focused on sustainability in design and innovation. Read the excerpt of this book, which is about reimagining design and innovation.

Designing a better world requires a new way of thinking, which he calls Eco-Design Thinking. The difference between traditional way of thinking and eco-design thinking is shown in this figure. 


He is not happy with traditional design approaches taught at Stanford, MIT and Harvard,sucks Design thinking which are not suitable for designing a better world. Read “Why Design Thinking Sucks”. That’s why there are so many products badly designed, and the causes are shown here:

Top 10 causes of bad designs

This Environmental Social Governance (ESG) model shows how his holistic concepts of eco-design thinking, eco-innovation, personal disruptive innovation, personal integrity, eco-diversity, and eco-governance are embedded in the ESG framework, and also how they are related to PURPOSE. ESG eco

egs sdg


how universities killHe is also not happy with some management programs taught at leading universities and business schools, that are causing massive damage in society. Read his article “How Universities Kill Creativity, Sustainability and Innovation”.  He has authored 25 books in many languages, published by leading international publishers like John Wiley, McGraw-Hill, Springer Verlag, Elsevier Science, etc., check https://tpsint.wixsite.com/tpsi/clients . Most of these books have been endorsed by leading professors from Harvard Business Reimagining LeadershipSchool, Yale School of Management, London Business School, IMD, and INSEAD. Title of some of his books: “Total Performance Scorecard”, “Personal Balanced Scorecard”, “TPS-Lean Six Sigma”, “Authentic Personal Branding”, “Be the CEO of Your Life”, “Authentic Governance”, “Authentic Personal Brand Coaching”, “AuthenticReimagining coroporate governance Personal Branding for Design Thinkers”,  and “Authentic and Holistic Design Thinking for Personal, Corporate, and Social Innovation.” His “Total Performance Scorecard” book was published in 20 languages and foreworded by Harvard Business School Innovation Professor Dorothy A. Leonard. His first book “Integrated and Simultaneous Design for Robotic Assembly” wasdorothy leonard published in 1995 by the world most leading publisher John Wiley, based on this PhD research. His Chinese book “Find the Blue Ocean in Youlenovo--was fore worded by Yang Yuanqing, chairman/CEO of Lenovo, the world’s largest computer company. His book “Authentic Governance; Aligning Personal Governance with Corporate Governance” (Springer USA) was foreworded by the governors of the central bank of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.Saudi



He has been featured on BusinessWeek / Bloomberg and Fortune Magazine and has published about 100 articles, 26 papers in international peer-reviewed international journals and 6 papers in international peer-reviewed conference proceedings. His paper “The Links Between Individual Learning, Collective Learning and Ethics” in peer- reviewed international journal “Training and Management Development Methods” (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, UK, 2003) was awarded with “THE MOST OUTSTANDING PAPER for Training and Management Development Methods in 2003″. Rampersad: “I am not on the global ranking list because I am not on the payroll of a university or funded to do research. I finance my research myself and make sure that with my 25 books in many languages ​​I make a worldwide social impact on innovation, design engineering, sustainability and management, in order to develop a better world. Bragging at the university expense is not an art.”

He lectured at MIT Sloan, NOVA University in Fort Lauderdale, Alfaisal University in Saudi Arabia, Stockholm University in Russia (Gazprom), South Ural State University in Russia, International Management Institute of St Petersburg in Russia, and 25 other universities globally. He also conducted keynotes and seminars for leading Fortune 100 companies such as: Sabic in Saudi Arabia, Nokia in Finland, IBM-India, ABNAMRO Bank, and Shell Oil Company. Please check https://tpsint.wixsite.com/tpsi/clients  for his detailed CV, testimonials, videos, and publications.

He also conducted a guest lecture for Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) and Global Innovation Design (GID) students (two joint programmes with Imperial College London and the prestigious Royal College of Art) in London. Royal College of Art  is the world’s most influential postgraduate institution of art and design.

imperial college

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Center of Excellence in Sustainability 

Center of Excellence in sustainabilityMiami, USA |  tpsi@live.com |  Phone/whatsapp: +13053992116| skype: h.rampersad

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